With my academic journey now behind me I’ve come to realise that almost seven years – January 2013 till September 2019 – have passed. When clearing out clutter for the new year I found I could discard a lot of what the younger me considered important. While doing so I realised that I have gained a better perspective on the past, present and future and that I have a truer confidence in my ability to handle the ups and downs of life. The result of which is a clear willingness to face each new day as an opportunity to make good on my potential.

What’s changed since June?

It was a squeeze, but I achieved.

At the moment I’ve strands I’m trying to weave together into a rope that will help me climb higher. I’m continuing to work on the PROTÉGÉ Initiative and the idea is to use business model innovation to attract the right talent for I N F I N I T Y 27 Design Studio, which will, in turn, serve customers through BVRCADE and eventually the VKTR platform.

Teaching at Gateshead College seemed a natural extension to the branch of enquiry I’ve been pursuing, especially after delivering some sessions back in 2016 (pictured), which were very satisfying for me personally.

Due to the complexity of my long-term vision, I’m having to juggle a few short term goals to help me better understand and achieve the outcomes I’m after. This includes working with students from Gateshead College, both as a part-time lecturer and soon through a work-placement style partnership between the college, Gateshead Council and PROTO. These activities will shape the decisions required to build the business so that it can meet the needs of the next generation of game developers and produce a studio that is forward-thinking and relevant for years to come.

As if building an innovative game design studio wasn’t enough I’ve opted to plan for two more businesses, BVRCADE and VKTR, in the future.

While a location-based VR venue hasn’t come to fruition as soon as I’d wanted I have found this to be a blessing in disguise, as rapid changes in both the retail sector and the technology require me to revisit and adjust to trends in the market. A delay is better than a failure, after all. There’s no rush to fly when all I need for now is a skateboard.

Not sure when the next update will be but I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable to write.

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