April Activity Report

For this series of entries, I will be explaining the steps I take in developing my startup during my placement year at the Northumbria Business Startup Hatchery. Hopefully, these monthly report-style blogs can be useful to someone in a similar position, who is looking to get started with developing their business idea.

  • Researched the viability of an open source business model and used those findings to develop the business model pivot I explored at the end of March.
  • Conducted additional customer conversations around open source software to gauge demand for these types of products and used my findings to refine the revenue stream and value proposition sections of the business model canvas.
  • Corresponded and arranged a meeting with Emma Whitenstall from Generator Studios, discussing support options for digital presence, lean start-up, sales, marketing, business planning, and VR.
  • Sub-contracted my first freelancer help me achieve a higher level of quality with the client work I have and to free up my time to focus on expanding the business.
  • Created a communication channel using Slack, so I can assign freelancers to private group chats, communicate with them and centrally manage the day-to-day efforts.
  • Spent time cleaning up the data for the Virtual Sunderland project, which included getting it ready for the production of the showreel, as well as taking it into VR to see how I can improve the presentation by using the novelty of the VR to impress the client, while selling the benefit of the interactivity of the medium.
  • Given the opportunity to work again for Emine Thompson (Northumbria University‘s VRV department) on a creative media production for Newcastle Council‘s Digital Economy, part of the Great North Exhibition.
  • Attended the final Grow Your Business series of events, which gave me advice that helps me stay motivated, focus on the important tasks and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Corresponded with and subsequently visited TyneMet College to prepare their systems and run tests for the VR event I will be hosting at their for their students around the end of May, which was rescheduled from the start of April.
  • Booked two upcoming VRTGO Labs events: Introducing the Emerging Technologies Centre, 4th May at Baltimore HouseVirtual Reality in Gaming, 18th May at the Northern Design Centre.