Deathmatch Map

The second lesson for today was with Tobe; where we developed a deathmatch map using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK).

My deathmatch during production, as viewed in UDK.

Tobe is very easy to follow because he goes through each step of the user interface as it’s used and explains what the tools and settings do, often encouraging us to play around to see what we can achieve. I felt more comfortable using the software this week, even though I hadn’t had time to practice any of what was taught in the last lesson. We didn’t do anything grand, just set up some of the elements such as player spawn points, weapon locations and enemy movements. This was enough for us to start a game with computer-controlled opponents, which we did before moving onto looking at things like ladders and jump pads.

Testing the map in-game.

While we did not have enough time to add lighting and textures I am happy that I was able to keep up with everything we learnt. If I get some spare time, I will look to take what I have learnt in this lesson and apply it to the map I made last week.

I look forward to next weeks lesson, where we will be looking at creating a platformer in UDK and learning a little about ‘Kismet’ scripting for that.