Finishing Up The Assignment

After some unexpected time off I am finally back in the classroom. To get my mind back into work mode – and out of Battlefield mode – I’ve looked through my folder and created a ‘to do’ list.

To do:
  • Finish up all drawn work on the Wacom Cintiq
  • Sort the data from the primary research and create diagrams for use in the assignment.
  • Create a slideshow presentation for the game pitch.
  • Write the reflective part of the assignment.
  • Flesh out my secondary research with more referenced sources.
  • Re-write everything into a final version.

Today I’ll have the chance to get some work on the Cintiq done, but I’m hoping to use it some more for my presentation. With less than three weeks now until the deadline I really need to get started on the presentation as a top priority. I know I can at least get the data from my primary research sorted today. Time to get it done!