Jarrow: End Game

Today I’ve been able to sort my primary and secondary research. I now feel I have enough to begin creating a presentation for the fictional Jarrow video game.

Made this loading screen of my local shopping center.

Image by Carl Halligan

Carrying out the research is only one task of four from the brief. I have been working hard towards covering as many learning outcomes as possible, so I have already made good progress on tasks two and four. Here’s a break down of the tasks;

Task 1 – undertake primary and secondary research.
Task 2 – confirm the accuracy of your research.
Task 3 – present the results of the research to the client.
Task 4 – evaluate your research methods and techniques, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

The way I’ve approached the assignment so far was to think of what I had to do, imagine options based on my knowledge, think through the pro’s and con’s and then analyse and justify my choices. Now I have a good amount of work, which I have organised and can use to create not just my presentation, but also a critical report on my methods. Hopefully, I can achieve a distinction for this assignment. If I don’t, then I need to re-think my approach for the future assignments.