Seattle Public Library VR

In collaboration with researchers from ETH Zurich in Singapore, I contributed to their virtual reality research project which involved accurately reproducing signage to aid users in navigating the notoriously confusing layout of the Seattle Public Library.

This project called for my expertise in developing navigable immersive 3D virtual environments and in a way was an extension of my own research in my Bachelor’s dissertation, which also centred on the same topic. This meant I brought to the table not only my development skills but also an insight into issues the team were facing which meant I could actively troubleshoot and produce solutions which could be implemented for positive impact.

The research project itself is still underway using the model I contributed to and the results are yet to be published.

Newcastle Gateshead 3D Print

Working with long-time client Northumbria University I was tasked with preparing their excellent Newcastle Gateshead city model for use at Newcastle City Council.

For this project, I had to develop a script which would automate the performance of several interdependent tasks to produce a model which was water-tight and optimised for 3D printing. The challenge came from simplifying hundreds of thousands of shapes in a way which did not reduce the accuracy and shape of the model in a way which would make the resulting print too dissimilar to the original.

Due to the scale of the final product and the availability of suitable 3D printers this project is due to be ready in the first quarter of 2020.

Innocent The Original Black Guy

Shot, produced and edited a comedy special for Innocentthe original black guy – at Stack Newcastle. Combining traditional 2D video with 360° footage shot on an Insta Pro 2, this project demonstrates my ability to organise, shoot and post-produce a live video.

By using footage from both cameras along with some smart editing techniques I was able to capture Innocent’s rowdy set and the crowds’ reaction without needing a complex multi-camera setup and additional camera operators.

360° equirectangular projection used to simulate a controllable second camera for capturing the crowds’ reaction.

This project provided me with some difficulty as the audio capture from the mic failed, leaving me the challenge of cleaning up subpar audio captured from the cameras built-in mics. While the end product could have been improved it was fit-for-purpose for the client who needed to a raw demo tape for future auditions.

The Greatest Showman VR360 8K

Promotional 360 video production in conjunction with SynergyVR.

Demonstrates an 8K HDR 360 video production workflow. Shot on an Insta Pro 2 with post-production completed using Adobe Creative Suite and Mystika VR.

Tyne Deck

Visualisation video animation of the Tyne Deck for the Idea of the North exhibition at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. The project included creating and integrating a real-world scale model of the proposal from laser-scanned point-cloud of an existing tabletop scale model which used the original architects’ blueprints.

Conceived in 1969 by world-renown North East architects Ryder and Yates, the proposal was for a huge platform to be constructed across the River Tyne between the Swing Bridge and where the Gateshead Millennium Bridge now stands.

BALTIC showcased the model at an event as part of their Idea of North Tyne Deck exhibition. Feedback received from organisers and those who attended reflected the great value this in-context 3D visualisation added to their understanding of the project and the visual impact it would have had on the area.


Prototype in fulfilment of BSc Computer Games Design & Production

A tactical real-time strategy game prototype developed while studying BSc Computer Games Design & Production at Northumbria University in 2018. This group assignment was produced using Unity and the research and development were documented as supporting evidence.

This project was year-long and was the product of our team’s continual efforts in developing a prototype using the Unity game engine. Over the course of the year, I developed my understanding of modern game engines and was able to use a suite of tools to design, program, test and package a game on the PC platform.

My responsibilities on this project were as a level designer and asset creator, though I also shared in producer responsibilities with the lead designer, which meant keeping minutes, maintaining a production schedule (Gantt chart) and managing team comms.

Virtual Sunderland

A series of videos covering proposed developments across the city of Sunderland. Produced in conjunction with Northumbria University for Sunderland City Council. These videos showcase video and 3D visualisation techniques used in a B2B context.

The project required adapting existing models from Sketchup into 3ds Max & Maya, texturing, lighting and camera work. Proposals from sites across Sunderland included VAUX, Minster Quarter, Stadium Village and Bronnersfield.

Digital Economy Newcastle

Video production using a real-scale digital model of Newcastle Upon Tyne in conjunction with Northumbria University’s VRV Group. Showcases the use of an accurate city map for presenting the Science Central development site, as well as existing sites around Newcastle.

The project included a swift pre-production and planning phase to ensure the end product provided a quality result and value for the client.

Newcastle City Futures 2065

A combined 2D and 3D animation produced in conjunction with Northumbria University VRV Group. Produced on a tight deadline this video product was targeted at small children and was publically displayed as part of the Big Read event at Seven Stories – The National Centre for Children’s Books.

The project required rapid iterative concept, storyboarding, script writing, music and voice-over production and recording. The whole project was completed within one week, on time and within budget.

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National Trust Concept Game Trailer

Game trailer based on a project brief for a National Trust assignment. Showcasing environment, prop and character design and production as well as animation and video production techniques. A year-long project, this brief required extensive research, design and production periods.

This project demonstrates the ability to:

  • plan and manage a complex project
  • collect, analyse and utilise reference materials through primary and secondary research sources
  • develop a creative pipeline to support rapid iterative concept and development
  • produce of a fully animated original short

This project showcases my technical productions skills in 3D modelling, rigging, texturing and animation. While I worked as an individual there was an element that required a team effort in the production of an organic character (the owl), which proves my ability to work effectively in a group to bring a 3D character to life.