Innocent The Original Black Guy

Shot, produced and edited a comedy special for Innocentthe original black guy – at Stack Newcastle. Combining traditional 2D video with 360° footage shot on an Insta Pro 2, this project demonstrates my ability to organise, shoot and post-produce a live video.

By using footage from both cameras along with some smart editing techniques I was able to capture Innocent’s rowdy set and the crowds’ reaction without needing a complex multi-camera setup and additional camera operators.

360° equirectangular projection used to simulate a controllable second camera for capturing the crowds’ reaction.

This project provided me with some difficulty as the audio capture from the mic failed, leaving me the challenge of cleaning up subpar audio captured from the cameras built-in mics. While the end product could have been improved it was fit-for-purpose for the client who needed to a raw demo tape for future auditions.

Infect the system...