S.M.A.R.T. Target & Life Goal

Today Len taught us about the ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ mnemonic and he asked me to explain my personal goal based on this premise.

S – To produce a ‘Distinction’ quality portfolio of work which can be used to showcase my talents as a video game designer; allowing me to secure funding or employment in the industry.
M – I will measure my success against the marking criteria for the H.N.D. Games Production (Engines and Animation) course which I am enrolled. I see this as the standard to which I must work and I will be comparing my work to that of my peers and professionals, for inspiration.
A – I have worked hard through adversity to get to this point and have received encouraging praise for my progress so far. I feel the goal is achievable as I know I have relevant skills.
R – It will also challenge my known weaknesses; complex art and traditional drawing styles.
T – I do best when I have a large amount of work to do in a relatively short amount of time; preferring intense sessions of learning to maximize my creative output.

We were also asked to write down some of our life goals. At the moment, I cannot say, but in relation to my career…

“My life target is to create a video game studio which is world renowned for the highest quality work. One which which pushes boundaries positively, creatively and intellectually in the video game market. I want to have a chance to challenge the status quo set by the market driven blockbusters.”

I was also assigned to a team based on where I had sat. Oh dear, Team Leonhart!

Concept art depicting Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8.
Over a decade after finishing the game I still don’t know how I feel about the River Pheonix inspired protagonist of Final Fantasy VII.

Len also explained to us the areas which he would like to see our blog post cover;

  • Identify the learning outcomes and how (if so) I achieved them.
  • Explain the use of Math and English skills during the lesson.
  • What I enjoyed.
  • Anything I am struggling with.
  • Any outstanding questions which Len can help me with.

It’s always good to get advice and guidance, especially at this level when you’re expected to really exercise your brain as an independent learner. Writing these entries and producing original work from my research, has been a great test of my English. I have also begun to analyse and organise my survey results, which is making use of my math and logic skills; though I’m failing to produce the results I want (a pie chart, believe it or not), from lack of practice. I’m going to run through Lens’ worksheet on ‘Verbs’ tonight, to make sure I’m solid in my head about what exactly they are asking for; as I have a habit of using words interchangeably so often, I think I’ve forgotten that they sometimes have subtly different meanings. I don’t feel as though I’m struggling at present. I am, in fact, feeling very positive that this project will able to be completed to a high standard by the time the deadline arrives.