Because I, I’m Me…

I design and prototype video games and virtual reality at my design studio located near Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.

In 2013 I decided to leave my job in the finance industry and started an intensive university foundation course (H.E.F.C.) in quantitative methods, physics and information technology at Newcastle College. The same year I moved on to Gateshead College, acquiring both H.N.C. (Level 4) and H.N.D. (Level 5) certification in Creative Media Production (Game Engines & Animation) by 2015. I then transferred to Northumbria University to study Computer Game Design & Production with a sandwich year placement at the Northumbria University Startup Hatchery, graduating in 2018 with First Class Honours and experience in developing a business startup.

Since 2017 I continued to develop my startup, I N F I N I T Y 27 LTD.

Until September 2019 I’m working towards attaining a Master of Science in Digital Marketing, complimenting my academic and professional skills and achievements.

My long-term goal is to cause disruption in the video games industry through the founding of a large number of employee-owned micro-businesses that make a fairer industry for the employees and customers by reducing the negative impact of external shareholder influence.

Since June 2019 I’ve been involved in developing a location-based concept, BVRCADE, to help me realise my long-term vision.