VR & Games in Education

A fortnight ago I got to spend time teaching two groups at Gateshead College. I had arranged with the staff an opportunity to present a lesson on computer/video games, VR and how they relate, which included activities and talks with their Level 2 Games students. The key objective of the session was to provide the students with insights and perspectives on an emerging technology and how that relates to their current studies and future career options. Continue reading “VR & Games in Education”

Newcastle 2065

At the start of October I worked on a project for a client, the Northumbria University Virtual Reality and Visualisation (VRV) group. The task was to adapt one of their existing videos from their Newcastle City Futures project, into something that could be presented to children of around 8 years of age.

This was a challenging commitment, as there were only two weeks until the deadline. Furthermore, collaborating with the client to produce an agreeable design would take half of that time, leaving around four working days for the development and production of the assets, as well as consolidating them into a final cut. However, this goal was made achievable through the use of tools and techniques I had learnt from my experiences in education. This also gave me the opportunity to develop my existing skills as well as acquire some new ones along the way.

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